Restaurant Spotlight

Little Goat Diner located

on 820 W Randolph Chicago

We are privileged to supply many of Chicago's top chefs.


Stephanie Izard is renowned chef who has won on Top chef and more recently Iron chef Gauntlet.

She is the co-owner and executive chef of three award-winning Chicago restaurants, Girl and the Goat, and Little Goat, duck duck goat, and opened her first restaurant, Scylla as chef-owner at the age of 27. Izard won a coveted James Beard Foundation Award in 2013 for her work at Girl and the Goat. Izard has made a number of appearances on Top Chef and Food Network since both her wins.

Little Farm on the Prairie

Free Range poultry products

Located in central Illinois, we are a small family farm committed to providing a great product and here's how:  BEYOND CAGE FREE

Its not just an empty phrase. It means that our chickens actually go outside and enoy the pasture, bug, and natures vitamin D (The Sun).

All this benefits the health of the chicken and the nutrition of the egg.

Source: Wikipedia